According to a study of 60 careers by insurance firm LV, accountants have ‘the best job in the world.’
The survey of 5,000 UK workers established the top 10 features of a job that that people value most highly. These were:

  1. Job security (74%)
  2. Good pay in line with responsibility (60%)
  3. Reasonable working hours (59%)
  4. Not too much stress and pressure (38%)
  5. Opportunity to progress (38%)
  6. A positive working environment (32%)
  7. A varied workload (29%)
  8. Workplace training opportunities (23%)
  9. A comprehensive benefits scheme (23%)
  10. Not being desk bound the whole day (21%)

Accountancy rated higher than any other profession for pay, work/life balance, job security, training, job prospects and stress levels. Typical accounting salaries are £38,283 – 44% more than the national average.
Other professions which rated highly were jobs in IT, teaching and charity work.
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