Following a review last year, David Cameron has announced that the Welsh government is to receive greater tax powers, subject to a referendum.
The Silk Report recommended that the Welsh Assembly should join the Scottish Parliament in having more responsibility for raising the money it spends; currently the Welsh government budget is granted by the Treasury.
New powers include:

  • The ability to vary a portion of income tax
  • Borrowing powers
  • Control of stamp duty paid by house buyers
  • Control of landfill tax.

Speaking in Cardiff Bay, the PM said ‘Today we are announcing more power for the Welsh people and the Welsh government.
‘Power that’s about building this country up, power that’s about making sure we have real accountable government here in Wales. And power that’s about ensuring what I want and what I know what the deputy prime minister wants and the first minister wants, which is a strong Wales inside a strong United Kingdom.’

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