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Brexit recession warning from RBS boss

RBS chief executive Ross McEwan told the BBC a ‘bad Brexit’ could result in “zero or negative” economic growth which would hit RBS’s share price.

Soaring US dollar threatens trouble for emerging markets

The US dollar continued to soar in value over Wednesday night, signalling the likelihood of more interest rate rises. This spells trouble for developing countries that have borrowed heavily.

2,700 construction firms go under after Carillion collapse drives 20% spike in insolvencies

The number of construction companies going insolvent increased by a fifth following the collapse of Carillion earlier this year.

Optimism in UK’s financial services sector plummets

The financial services sector reported a sharp decline in optimism over the last three months. This means optimism has fallen or remained flat for the longest period since the 2008 financial crisis.

FTSE 350 focusing increasingly on non-financial matters according to Deloitte

Analysis by Deloitte shows that nearly a third of FTSE 350 companies are considering non-financial matters in line with the new Corporate Governance Code.

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