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KPMG revenues rose by 8 percent this year in strongest growth in a decade

Despite it being a difficult year for the Big Four accountancy firm, thanks to the criticism faced following the collapse of audit client Carillion, KPMG have seen a huge jump in revenue for 2018 and now audit 28 FTSE 100 companies.

RBS braces for no-deal Brexit by shifting £13bn to Netherlands

In a move to allow RBS to continue serving European customers in the event of a no-deal, the group are preparing to move a third of investment banking clients and billions of assets out of the UK to Amsterdam.

China-US feud threatens Canada as Huawei executive due in court

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, global chief financial officer at Huawei telecoms in Vancouver last week for allegedly violating US sanctions on Iran now appears set to impact on Canada’s previous attempts to build closer ties with Beijing.

UK house prices rise at slowest pace in six years as Brexit nears

Uncertainty in the short term is putting people off house purchases as Brexit looms on the horizon, as the UK housing market sees its slowest pace in prices rises in six years.

Motability charity boss to go after extra bonus revealed

In light of reactions to a National Audit Office report revealing that Mike Betts stood to receive an “obscene” extra bonus of £1.86m, the boss of a charity who arrange cars, scooters and wheelchairs for the disabled will stand down by 2020.

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