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  • Name: Matthew Creed
  • Job Title: Semi Senior
  • Location: London
  • Degree: Accounting and Finance
  • Areas of Specialism: Other

I studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Manchester. During my research into potential careers, I found that the ACA qualification was highly regarded within the financial sector. ACA training contracts at Barnes Roffe offer excellent experience of a wide variety of businesses, alongside an excellent study package.
I have been at Barnes Roffe for two years and have steadily been given more responsibility as my skills have grown. Each week varies depending on the assignment but here is a recent week by way of an example.


I am preparing accounts for a company which operates cruises on the Thames. On Monday morning, I meet with the client manager and the partner to establish areas that require special attention. At the client’s premises I meet the directors to explain my work plan and discuss any contentious issues raised in the earlier meeting.


I am working on the main accounts areas. I have daily targets to ensure I will complete the job within budget. I initially focus on important areas to ensure any problems can be dealt with early. I discuss progress with my manager and the plan for the remainder of the week.


I gather the last pieces of information. Before leaving, I meet the directors to discuss the accounts, and to establish reasons for variations compared to the prior year. This gives an insight into areas of primary importance to the business. I return to the office to prepare for the manager’s review. I review the work done and ensure the file is complete.


With the accounts preparation complete, I attend a book keeping assignment. This is a monthly visit to the client’s premises to write up their books and records. I have developed interpersonal relationships with the staff which results in me being more effective during the assignment.


I am planning audits due to start shortly. This includes reviewing all client files for information. The documentation produced will be used by the seniors to identify important issues. Later a few of us enjoy a well earned pint! This gives an opportunity to talk to colleagues in a less formal environment.

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