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  • Name: Charlotte (Lotty) Grimston
  • Job Title: ACA Trainee
  • Location: London
  • Degree: French & International Relations
  • Areas of Specialism: Other

How did you get your job at HW Fisher?

I applied via the online recruitment system. This required completing an application form with competency based questions. The recruitment team review your application in detail and if successful you are invited to an assessment day. This did seem daunting at first considering I had no previous accounting experience. However HW Fisher considers previous internships and life experiences and does not solely focus on academic achievements or accounting backgrounds. In addition no online tests are used; they take a more personal approach to assess your character and capabilities to ensure you have the right attitude and skills to fit the firm’s culture.

Why did you choose HW Fisher? 

Firstly, I felt it would give me exposure to a variety of clients across a range of sectors, encouraging a depth and variety of assignments. Secondly, I felt it would combine the professional scope of a larger firm with a more people friendly atmosphere of a smaller firm. From the interview stage, it was clear that HW Fisher would combine both the scope I was looking for and a sociable and supportive work environment.

What is it like working at HW Fisher?

The work environment is fast paced, demanding and requires initiative. There is a support system in place which is shown through dedicated mentors, a buddy system, and working with more experienced trainees. Sometimes it can be hard to juggle work deadlines and exam pressures but older trainees are always open to give advice because of their experience. I really enjoy the fun and inclusive culture.

What skills are useful in the profession?

You can see that having previous experience in accounting is not an essential skill to have beforehand. You develop your accounting skills on the job. Time management is fundamental if you are considering the ACA as you will need to balance work and private study. Additionally, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn will serve you well in all stages of your training contract.

What do you like most about your role?

I really enjoy being given responsibility at an early stage and this is one of the benefits of a mid-tier firm. Seeing how different businesses in different sectors operate and interact with each other is interesting and my general understating of business and finance has grown. This is helpful for your studies and future career opportunities.

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