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  • Name: Alice Singer
  • Job Title: Trainee Chartered Accountant
  • Location: London, Canary Wharf
  • Degree: Modern and Medieval Languages
  • Areas of Specialism: Other
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What’s it like working at PKF Littlejohn?
PKF Littlejohn has a friendly atmosphere and I know most people in the office. I have the opportunity to work with people at all levels of seniority on a frequent basis, and the partners and managers are always approachable.
We’re a very social firm, with a large contingent of trainees, and there’s a programme of events including days out at Ascot, quiz nights and cocktail making sessions.
The work-life balance at PKF Littlejohn is relatively good and I feel that, as trainees, we are well-supported through the ACA qualification. We have our tuition at one of the leading accountancy colleges, and are given time before the exams to properly go into revision mode and not have to worry about client work.
Why did you choose PKF Littlejohn?
I did a summer internship at PKF Littlejohn when I was still at university, and I really liked the work culture and the people.  I knew the ACA would be a different, more challenging experience to the internship, but I was confident that I would still enjoy working here.
I also chose PKF Littlejohn because I wanted to work in the Not For Profit team, as I find the activities and operations of charities interesting and worthwhile. There are also trainee positions in Business Services and Financial Services, if that’s more your thing.
What is your weekly schedule generally like?
Most weeks, I’m at a new client as most of our Not For Profit audits take a week (but they can be longer). This means there’s a new working environment and different people to meet every week. This is similar to the Business Services and Financial Services divisions, with opportunities to work with lots of different clients and meet lots of new people.
I am very lucky as I also get to travel to exciting places, such as to Brussels for European Commission audits or to Paris for grant audits of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
The work here varies from week to week, which mixes things up and keeps me stimulated and challenged (in a good way!)

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