• Name: David Schogger
  • Job Title: Trainee Accountant
  • Location: London
  • University: Aston
  • Degree: Business and Management
  • Areas of Specialism: Other
Lubbock Fine

Why did I choose Lubbock Fine?

I was keen to find a mid-tier firm where I would feel a valued member of the team and be offered an exciting range of opportunities. I was fortunate to have found Lubbock Fine based in St Paul’s Paternoster Square, where I was drawn to the prestige of modern offices, as well as the young and social nature of the firm, which I discovered when invited to the firm’s summer party before starting. This made the idea of working for Lubbock Fine even more attractive.

What was the application process like?

The application process was challenging, but I was put at ease by the People team who kept me informed on my application and were happy to answer any queries throughout my journey. When I came into the office for psychometric tests and the interview day, the staff were all extremely friendly and made me feel welcome. My interviewers really tried to get to know me – the whole experience could not have been more different from a stereotypical interview.

What experience have I gained here?

Since joining I have worked across statutory audits, accounts preparation, tax, due diligence and FCA/Solicitor compliance audits. The broad range of work with clients of different sizes from multiple sectors is a key benefit of working for Lubbock Fine – it has allowed me to develop a much broader skill set than working at a larger firm.

What type of training have I had?

The training has been very hands-on – it has been a steep learning curve and I have had to learn on the job. This has been made easier with the support of seniors and managers who are always willing to make time for any assistance. We also have structured training sessions called ‘audit club’ where we learn about specific aspects of auditing. These help us to better understand the underlying theory and how that can be applied in day-to-day work.

How do you rate the work/life balance?

The work-life balance is great. Hard work is appreciated and recognised yet I have never felt pressured to work ‘crazy hours’ or to forfeit out of work commitments. Social events are arranged for the staff (including virtual events during lockdown) – these are always a lot of fun and allow us to get to know the team in an informal setting.

Is there anything specifically about LF that stands out to you?

For me it’s the level of trust and independence given at Lubbock Fine. During my first year I was already communicating with clients and independently completing audit files, which has enhanced my skills needed for a successful career.

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