• Name: Emily Dekkers
  • Job Title: ACA Qualified Auditor
  • Location: Brighton
  • University: Southampton
  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Economics
  • Areas of Specialism: Audit and Assurance
Kreston Reeves

Journey to Kreston Reeves

I started working at Kreston Reeves after graduating in BSc Economics and working part-time in hospitality. Now 2 years down the line, I’ve just completed the Professional Level of my ACA and hopefully will qualify as a chartered accountant in 2023 – it goes really fast! I was a bit worried at first not coming from an accounting degree, but the ‘crash course’ which all new starters take is really helpful and makes sure everyone is in the same starting position.

What is your role?

I have been part of the audit team for almost 2 years. We work together in small groups looking at client’s financial statements, assessing if they’re correct and complying with law. I’ve worked on jobs ranging from large listed companies to small local charities – so there is a lot of variety! There is a great balance between working from the office, home and at client premises – which really helps you get to know them and understand their business. One of the best parts for me personally is working closely with loads of different people within Kreston Reeves, as you learn so much and gain an insight to different service lines as well.

Is it a 9-5?

When you first start, the default hours are 9-5.30 but within reason, a lot of people change this! I agreed with my people manager to work 8.30 – 5, but to be honest this varies and a great thing about Kreston Reeves is the flexibility and trust.

Any advice?

Ask questions! Everyone is so willing and happy to help – don’t forget everyone was new to an accountancy job at some point. Another thing is that going from University to juggling both full-time work and study can be tricky at first, so plan ahead and start early. Definitely get involved in social events with colleagues! 

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