What’s the best way to search for jobs on your website?

Simply search for jobs via the search bar on the homepage, or browse jobs by career sector or job type. You can then filter your search further by location or employer.

How do I look for a specific employer?

To search for a particular company, click on our Employer Directory, which you will find in the toolbar on the homepage. Here you will find an Employer A-Z that lists recruiters and highlights those who are currently hiring.

What happens once I’ve applied for a job?

Once you have applied for a job you should receive a receipt of application from the specific company that you are applying to. You will receive a message on screen on the Inside Careers website once an application has been made saying that your CV & Covering Letter have gone through. If you are in any doubt it is best to contact the recruitment team of the company you have applied for.

Do you advertise jobs for international students?

We advertise jobs on behalf of employers and not all employers recruit international students. If they do, this information will be specified in the company profile area, at the top of the webpage concerning the employer and their job vacancy.

Does it matter which degree and grade I got?

Within each profession we state the minimum requirements for the role as stated by the employer. Some do require a specific degree but refreshingly, a lot of the roles welcome all degree disciplines with a focus more on the skills you possess. Regarding the grade, some companies do require a 2.1 however; this varies from profession to employer. It is important to remember the focus is not just on academic achievement but your other attributes too.

What is an internship?

An internship is an employment opportunity for undergraduates and graduates. They provide on-the-job training for a fixed limited period of time spent within the industry of their choice. An internship is sometimes a compulsory part of a student’s degree, whilst for others it is an optional and valuable choice. Each internship differs in length and payment; some are unpaid but may offer to cover the food and travel expenses of their interns, whilst others may pay the national minimum wage or higher.

Most students are now being encouraged to complete an internship to give them the edge over other candidates when they apply for jobs. Some of the benefits of completing an internship are that they are becoming the norm and expected from employers so if you have not got one it may leave you at a disadvantage. A high percentage of internships also often turn into job offers. Additionally, an internship is a great way to get an insight into an organisation, industry or particular occupation. It can help you discover if the career you are considering is right for you.

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