What products do you provide?

We publish six specialist in-depth printed career guides for the chartered patent attorney, chartered accountancy, banking & investments, management consultancy, actuary and insurance professions. We also publish one more general guide titled ‘Career Choice’, which is aimed at school leavers and undergraduates. These are distributed FREE to university career centres across the UK for students researching their careers.

How can I get myself a personal copy of your guide(s)?

With only a limited number of guides printed and distributed, we are aware it is often hard to get yourself a personal copy to keep. Not to worry, you can always buy your own personal copy by visiting our ‘Bookstore’ webpage, located at the bottom of each of the career sector pages as well as the homepage. On this webpage you can buy any or all seven of our guides.

I work at a university career centre how can I receive your guides?

Under the ‘Useful Links’ column there is a section dedicated to Career Staff. Here you can contact us, join our Linked In group and sign up to our newsletter.

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