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You can train to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant at a variety of leading employers in different industries. It’s important that you understand your own values and what you want from your career. This will ensure you find an employer that is the perfect fit for you!

What is an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer?

Our authorised employers meet our standard to train our students to become chartered accountants. This means you will receive the best support and guidance to get you through your ACA exams from your employer and our team here at ICAEW.

This means that no matter what organisation, sector or location you choose to work in, you can be confident you will be getting the highest standard of training possible.

What industry should I choose?

It’s important to consider the industry sector you want to work in. ICAEW Chartered Accountants make key business decisions in industries they really care about.

Qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant opens up a huge number of potential career paths. You could find yourself analysing a fashion brand’s finances, advising charities on tax, shaping schools’ spending, working on the board of a multinational consumer company or helping to prosecute criminals.

Here’s an idea of just some of the sectors you could work in:

  • Professional services and public practice:
  • Business and financial services
  • Charity
  • Not-for-profit, including Government positions and education.


Are big employers the best employers?

Not at all. Smaller companies can offer dedicated career path with support that is thorough and personable. The size of the organisation, small or large, can offer many opportunities. You may be looking to become a specialist in a particular service line or perhaps a broader experience is what you are looking for.

What location should I study in?

There are towns and cities all over the UK offering a rich mix of cultural and social experiences in addition to a range of great opportunities to chartered accountancy. Opportunities are not just limited to the UK, you can find ICAEW authorised employers in a range of international locations including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and China, to name just a few.

How do I choose the right employer?

The right employer is different for everyone. So really dig deep into what employers are all about. Visit their websites, social media, go to careers fairs and why not get in touch? We would also recommend reading the employee profiles on Accountancy Careers to get a feel for the various employers. Once you are done you can use the find jobs section to search and apply for the perfect job.

Here are a few questions to think about:

  • What are the organisation’s values – do they fit with your own?
  • What is the organisation’s culture and work environment like?
  • Is there a structured training programme?
  • What support will you get through training?
  • What will you be doing day to day?
  • Are there structured progression routes?

Beyond training

Three years of training is integrated with studying the ACA. This means you get the best of both worlds; a real life experience in the workplace as well as a globally recognised qualification.

Whatever size or type of organisation you choose to train with, your career opportunities are endless.

Once you become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, you will have the flexibility to shape your future career around your interests and aspirations.

You’ll be able to move between organisations, sectors and even countries, throughout your career. In the meantime, it’s up to you to explore the opportunities and choose which suits you best.

Qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant opens up a huge number of potential career paths

In the meantime, it’s up to you to explore the opportunities and choose which suits you best.


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