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While modern technology strives to make the world a smaller place, the employment opportunities that sustain it are becoming increasingly expansive.

Today’s graduates might choose to enter an enduring field, such as the telecommunications industry, or they might hitch their fortunes to an emerging trend, like cloud computing.

These technologies allow us to stay connected – to our contacts, to our data – and in that spirit, we would like you to share the contents of this email with your student body.

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Patent attorney jobs

With the government’s aim to rebalance the UK economy towards manufacturing, the output of STEM graduates is set to rise. With engineering identified as the largest area of future employment for STEM graduates, a new generation of patent attorneys will be required to understand and support the influx of innovations. The following employers are all recruiting into the profession; please share this selection with your STEM students. There are various opportunities in Cardiff, Leeds, Bath, St Albans, London and Bristol for both graduates and postgraduates.



Careers in the cloud 

One of the subjects of last month’s future of IT article has received its own spin-off piece. As our cloud computing article notes, the International Data Corporation expects the cloud to have generated 14 million jobs between 2011 and 2015. With the shift in IT roles towards the procuring (rather than running) of IT systems, even the jobs that aren’t directly centred on the cloud will at least require a certain level of engagement with the technology.


Careers in telecommunications 

Wherever your reading this email, on whichever device, it’s telecommunications that allows it to happen. The telecommunications industry is ever-evolving, driven by the innovations of IT specialists, programmers and electrical engineers, alongside the efforts of designers, marketers and sales professionals. Chris Pateman, CEO of the FCS, outlines the industry at the centre of connecting people.

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