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By now you will have received your delivery of our new 2013/14 career guides – hopefully you’ll find these a valuable resource for your students. As we’ve done in recent years, we’ve created accompanying PDFs, so that the guides can be easily accessed online for free.

The guides are designed to give graduates a broad insight into many different aspects of each profession, but naturally at this time of year the information surrounding recruitment processes will be of most interest to students.

A series of new and updated articles devoted to the application process can be found below, each focusing on a different aspect or profession.

As always, you can use the newsletter webpage to share this information with your student body.

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Laura McFarlane,
Editor, Inside Careers


Inside Careers Guide to…

The latest editions of our profession guides have been converted into PDFs, and are freely available right now. Want an easier way to share careers information with your students? Simply direct them to the relevant page by using the image links below.


Application information and tips

It’s the time of year when application forms are being filled out for places on the UK’s top internship and graduate programmes. Below you’ll find details on the recruitment processes unique to certain professions, along with some universal application form wisdom.


Employers spend a lot of money in sponsoring their graduate recruits through years of actuarial exams. Candidates should use these tips to make sure they present themselves as a wise investment.

Banking & Investments

There are entry routes into the sector beyond the large investment banks’ graduate schemes. This article directs students where to look, and how to make an effective application.

Chartered Accountancy

We break down the variations in the application processes for the Big Four, Mid-Tier Firms and SMEs.

Perfect application forms

There are certain guidelines when completing applications that transcend individual professions.

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