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Do you want to go further, faster?
If you’ve got drive and ambition, you can start laying the foundations for a challenging and stimulating career with the Ernst & Young Leadership Academy.
Ernst & Young Leadership Academy
Our three-day Leadership Academy is an elite programme offering those with real talent the chance to shine. We’ll team you up with some of our sharpest business minds to learn from their experiences.
Places are limited, so if you want to be accepted onto the programme you’ll need to possess the energy, ideas and commitment to drive things forward, especially in today’s tough climate.
Why do it?
You’ll learn a lot about yourself by questioning how you work, interact with others and approach decision-making. You’ll get an opportunity to explore your leadership potential and develop your influencing skills, with specific feedback on your personal style.
Make no mistake: this is a demanding environment that will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll be set tasks that will stretch and challenge you. It might be about exercising your logic, or inspiring a team of people into action. But we can promise that it will make you question how you work, how you approach decision making and how you work with others. In short, it’ll give you a unique insight into how to use your strengths to reach the top.
So if you’re up for a challenge and want to pick up the skills and self-awareness that will help you hit the ground running when you start work, the Leadership Academy is what you need.
You’ve done the Leadership Academy. What can you do now?
Take the skills you learned on the Leadership Academy and put them into practice on another Ernst & Young programme like a Placement or Summer Internship. Depending on which year you’re in when you complete the programme, you may even have the chance of securing a graduate job offer a year before you graduate.
To find out more and apply visit our website.

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