• Role: Audit Senior
  • Areas of Specialism: Audit and Assurance
  • Type of Qualification: ACA
  • Location: London
  • University: Loughborough
  • Degree: MPhys Physics and Maths

Aanchel Bhabuta

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Brebners is a brilliant training firm, first and foremost because of the people who work here. Being an open plan office, Brebners encourages a completely inclusive environment where partners, managers and audit trainees all sit close together, helping to support a collegiate feel. As a very sociable person, it was important for me to feel like I was joining a firm where I could easily approach my seniors for help and support and Brebners absolutely encourages this.

Brebners also places a key focus on employing those from varied backgrounds, with a range of degrees and skill sets, valuing multiple perspectives and strengths. Due to the nature of audit work, this creates balanced teams of people who all contribute their unique thoughts and ideas.

Working at Brebners

At Brebners, trainees work on a range of clients, doing both audit and statutory accounts preparation work. There is also the possibility of completing secondments in the tax department, being involved in corporate finance, dealing with Financial Conduct Authority work within the Financial Technology department or working on media clients. This will help you steer your own career based on your preferences and strengths.

Being a medium-sized firm, trainees benefit from working on clients from start to finish, therefore understanding the whole of the business and seeing the bigger picture. This definitely helps support exams, whereby the theory is put into practice and trainees are not just pigeon-holed into working on the same accounts areas on every client. Brebners also encourages a close relationship with clients, where trainees are involved in on-site audits from the start, providing high levels of responsibility and client interaction.

The job allocation system also facilitates the learning process, whereby each junior is placed to work for a certain manager or senior for a period of about six weeks and as a result, this allows the trainee to receive focussed attention.

Juniors also hot-desk to ensure that they are positioned next to the senior or manager supervising their assignment, building a strong support network and environment where juniors are not afraid to seek guidance.

Office life

Brebners values having a strong work/life balance, which was something I was particularly wary about prior to becoming an accountant. The firm encourages quality over quantity with regards to a work ethic. Brebners also organises a range of social events outside of work to prove that accountants can have fun. There is karaoke (where the partners do their best to embarrass themselves!), the fabulous Christmas party, the much-loved office quiz, as well as drinks to celebrate whenever trainees pass exams.
Even after being at Brebners for over two years, I feel like I have grown so much as a person and continue to do so every day. Being at a firm which has been so supportive of my studies and learning has truly allowed me to excel in my graduate career.

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