Financial services firm KPMG has launched KPMG Capital, a new wholly owned global investment fund that will invest in data and analytics businesses.
The fund – based in London but investing globally – will invest in businesses via strategic acquisitions, technology partnerships and other data and analytics capabilities.

Technology at the heart of job creation

Simon Collins, UK Chairman of KPMG, said: ‘Technology is the beacon for UK economic recovery – job creation outpacing average private sector growth fourfold.
We were quick to support Tech City with a permanent base, and we’re going to stay ahead in delivering the extraordinary potential of data and analytics to our clients.
Technology isn’t following the old rules – innovation is happening in universities, in small informal businesses and through curious individuals. For a major company to harness this we have to be more agile – co-investing, sponsoring and partnering at early stages and encouraging technology entrepreneurs to be bold.
KPMG Capital gives us the dedicated funding and flexibility to do this. Combine this with our global reach and knowledge and we will become the go to business partner in technology.’
The fund will invest in a number of critical business areas including enhancing business flexibility; finance; risk, regulation and compliance; improving workforce productivity; and customer and revenue growth. KPMG Capital will work to develop technology solutions that will focus on growth sectors such as healthcare, financial services, energy and telecommunications.
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