• Name: Holly Stone
  • Job Title: Trainee Chartered Accountant
  • Location: Leytonstone, East London
  • University: Swansea
  • Degree: BSc Accounting & Finance
  • Areas of Specialism: Audit and Assurance

Having grown up in East London and completed A Levels in Accounting, Business and Maths, I moved to Swansea in 2017 to further my education and enrolled into an Accounting & Finance degree at Swansea University. After completing my degree in the summer of 2020, I was hopeful in finding a role that would allow me to develop the skills that I had learned across my 3 years at university and eager to take on a new challenge.

Why Accounting?

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in accountancy because having studied it since the age of 16, I felt as if I had so much knowledge on the subject and I was eager to put this into practice at a firm. I also thoroughly enjoyed studying it at A-Level and University and having achieved good grades in the subject, it seemed like the perfect career path for me!

My Qualifications

I am currently studying the ACA and have completed 12 out of 15 exams with my final exams to sit in November 2022. I knew this is something that I wanted to do because it can provide you with such a stepping stone for the future. The fact that there are other graduates at Barnes Roffe who have also sat the same exams as you is encouraging and in my experience my peers have always been happy to help. The exams are tough but the rewards that can be reaped afterwards gives me plenty of motivation to put the work in to pass!

My Current Role

My current role varies day-to-day which I feel is important for a job role as it keeps things interesting. My duties include assisting the audit senior with conducting an audit of a company’s financial statements, which involves communicating a lot with clients, preparing company’s accounts, and preparing corporation tax computations to name but a few. The main thing I enjoy about the role is that we get to work on different clients which allows you to gain experience across different industries. We also get to go on site to clients premises, which gives you a behind the scenes feel of how companies operate!

My Future Plans

Working at Barnes Roffe for 2 years has helped me grow as a person and I have learned so many valuable skills along the way and I am still learning new skills every day. I am optimistic about my future and I would love to progress into manager and eventually partner one day.

My Advice

Starting a new role can be quite daunting, especially in accounting where there are many rules and standards to follow but it is important to remember that everybody was you once, things get easier over time and everybody is always happy to help so don’t be afraid!

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