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  • Name: Emily Richards
  • Job Title: Senior
  • Location: London
  • Degree: MSc Chemistry
  • Areas of Specialism: Other

Why did you choose to come to BR?
Blick Rothenberg LLP is a firm which stood out for me within the medium sized accountancy firms in the industry. The firm has a large client base covering a variety of company sizes and industries so I knew that I would gain a lot of valuable experience. There is a strong emphasis on training at the firm, and there is an open door policy which makes it easy for staff to speak to the partners with any queries or for advice.
What experience have you gained here?
At Blick Rothenberg LLP I have gained experience in a wide range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, retail and IT. Throughout my training contract I have received help and support from the partners and managers which has enabled me to progress and take on larger jobs. Responsibility is given at an early stage, and this is seen as a vital part of the training.
What type of training have you had?
As well as technical training received at college, I have also received bespoke training in-house which has provided me with a good basis pre and post exams. In addition, soft skills training courses have been available throughout my time at Blick Rothenberg LLP.
What career opportunities are there at BR?
As mentioned, responsibility is offered very early on in your career at Blick Rothenberg LLP. A high level of importance is attached to career progression and trainees are given the opportunity to lead teams on larger assignments from an early stage. Many of the current partners and managers actually started their careers as trainees at the firm.
How do you rate the work/life balance at BR?
There is a very good work/life balance at Blick Rothenberg LLP, which is coupled with an active social committee. The firm understands that the exam process can be intense and there is a considerable amount of support and advice available, in addition to generous study leave.
Is there anything specifically about BR that stands out to you?
The people, from the juniors to the partners, are all very friendly and approachable. We are all under one roof and so it is easy to become integrated into the firm

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