• Name: Victoria Protor
  • Job Title: Audit Senior
  • Location: London City office
  • Degree: French and Philosophy
  • Areas of Specialism: Audit and Assurance

How did I get my job at Price Bailey LLP?
I applied through the Stepstone graduate scheme through the Price Bailey website.
I then had to take part in an assessment day and had an interview before I was offered the job.
Why I chose Price Bailey:
One of the main reasons that I chose Price Bailey was because they offer a really good graduate scheme which allows amazing variety.
The Stepstone scheme has meant that I have spent time in a number of the different teams throughout the practice which has allowed me to develop different skills and understand better which area I would like to pursue further going forward.
What’s it like working at Price Bailey LLP :
Price Bailey offers a really good work/life balance and there is so much support in each of the individual teams and within the firm as a whole. This creates a really friendly and safe environment and makes it a really enjoyable place to work.
What skills have I found useful in the accountancy sector/profession:
I have found that the skills I have learnt have varied significantly. Whilst I have learnt a lot of obvious academic and technical skills, I have been surprised at how much my soft skills have also improved. These have improved from working within a team and having to communicate with clients on a daily basis.
My daily/weekly schedule
It can vary significantly, not least of which depending on which team you are part of. I am currently within our Corporate team and therefore my usual week consists of being onsite at a client’s premises assisting within an audit team which involves:

  • Assisting with audit testing
  • Analysing financial data
  • Discussions with the team and the client

What challenges have I come across?
The largest challenge for me so far has been the balance between work and study as the ACA qualification is very demanding and time consuming.
Price Bailey offers a really good training programme where I have received significant time to study and revise. In addition, the managers and partners are very understanding in the stressful exam periods and they will often make every effort to reduce the work expected from me at these points.
Advice for someone who would like to work at Price Bailey
My advice for someone who would like to work at Price Bailey would be that you should be hard-working, sociable, friendly and not afraid to ask questions!

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