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  • Name: Aled Davies
  • Job Title: Trainee Accountant
  • Location: London
  • Degree: Business Studies
  • Areas of Specialism: Other

Describe a typical day in the audit department

A typical day in the audit department doesn’t involve physically being in the audit department. The great thing about audit is that you spend a lot of your working life at client premises. By being at a client’s premises, you get to experience all sorts of businesses and strategies and you test your inter-personal skills constantly.
As audits are always targeted towards internal and external deadlines, the day involves pressure to complete your tasks efficiently, and you get involved in many different areas of the accounts.

What makes a good auditor?

I think a good auditor enjoys working in a team, has good attention to detail, the ability to concentrate for long periods, and has the confidence and inter-personal skills to communicate with clients. In terms of studying for the ACA qualification, discipline, determination, and good time management skills are imperative.

What is the atmosphere like at UHY Hacker Young?

UHY Hacker Young has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy yourself whilst meeting your business objectives. They are also very supportive of trainees, providing valuable on the job training, advice and support.

What is the most challenging thing about your role?

Easily the most challenging aspect of being a trainee is studying whilst carrying out a full-time job. The learning curve is the most intense I have experienced, but I really enjoy the challenge and it keeps me on my toes.

What made you choose UHY Hacker Young?

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, and friendliness of the staff at all levels. The chance to work with a wide range of companies of differing sizes and industry was also an attraction.

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