No matter the economic climate, jobs in accountancy have always been stable and can be a great career choice for those who have a knack with numbers and a good eye for detail. Below are some reasons why becoming a chartered accountant could be an ideal career path.

Why Become a Chartered Accountant?

Unlimited Opportunities

With a career in accountancy, there’s no shortage of the different types of opportunities available as you grow in your career. If you always wanted to work in fashion for example, you are able to do so in the finance department and that can vary from working for small start-ups to large corporations. You can even start your own accountancy firm with the skills, knowledge and experience acquired by the ACA.

Take your career into multiple industries around the world – 99 of the world’s 100 global leading brands employ chartered accountants. Accountancy firms have international offices and the nature of the job means that you can have the chance to either work with clients from all over the world or even relocate to other international offices.

Why Become a Chartered Accountant?


Whether you are a graduate or a school leaver, there are endless opportunities to get training and support for you to become a chartered accountant. A lot of companies offer graduate schemes and apprenticeships. Here, you gain valuable work experience and progress in the industry whilst getting paid and being fully supported to study and complete your qualifications.

Why Become a Chartered Accountant?

Earning Potential

Depending on the skills you have and your expertise, salaries as a chartered accountant have a high earning potential, rising as you develop more skills or even become specialised in certain areas. Starting salaries can start from £35,000 as a trainee and rise to £57,000 as a chartered accountant.
*2023 High Fliers The Graduate Market in 2023 Report.

Now that you know the benefits of Charterd Accountancy, find out what you need to join the profession by reading the Entry requirements to become a Chartered Accountant article here.

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