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The common stereotype of tax professionals often belies the fact that a background in accountancy is increasingly the commercial driver of the board room, with qualified accountants now at the helm of one fifth of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies.

In reality, working in tax is dynamic and fast paced, requiring not only analytical ability, but excellent problem solving and commercial skills. Modern tax professionals have to be equipped to communicate effectively and deliver out of the box strategic thinking and big-picture perspective in order to compete in an exceptionally competitive market.

The tax industry promises change

Few industries move as fast as tax. Every time the law changes or a new budget is published tax advisers need to expand their knowledge and adapt their strategies. This provides variety and means you are continually challenged. The necessity of keeping up to date means it is a job in which you are always learning and stay relevant.

Working in tax can offer you a bright future

Careers in tax also provide a stable career path: unlike the ups and downs of some other parts of finance, jobs in tax are relatively secure. 2011 also saw a string of announcements for positive growth within leading accountancy firms, many increasing their graduate intake on last year’s figures.

Working in tax offers excellent rewards

Finally, it pays to be qualified in tax; often very well; if you prove yourself, you can realistically aim for management within two to three years. Take a look at Salaries in Tax to find out more.
Careers in tax can provide the possibilities of international travel, rewarding work and a structured career path where the sky is the limit in terms of promotions. Start your journey in tax by taking a look at our graduate jobs in tax.

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Hall Stoddart is an executive consultant for Pure Search, a recruitment agency which specialises in placing tax professionals.

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