KPMG has kept its first place position in the latest Adviser Rankings table for auditors, with 376 clients.
Adviser rankings provide information about corporate advisers and their UK clients, ranking companies on the number of clients and the size/value and profitability of those clients.
The tables have continued to be dominated by the Big Four: PwC closely on the heels of KPMG with 364 clients, followed by Deloitte with 274 and EY with 260 clients. BDO continues to head up the mid-tier with 228 clients.
PwC retained the number one spot for FTSE 100 audit ranking table, despite losing three clients, with KPMG pushing Deloitte into third place. EY remained at fourth with 15 clients and BDO in fifth with one.
Recent recommendations from the Competition Commission could soon create big changes to these rankings as they come into force later in the year, as they clients will be obliged to put their audit contracts out to tender every five years.

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