• Name: Jamila Rose
  • Job Title: Accounts Assistant
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Areas of Specialism: Business Advisory

Jamila, an Accounts Assistant in the Accounts & Business Advisory team based in the Azets Nottingham office shares her career story with us. We hear about her experiences at Azets so far and gain her unique advice on how to navigate the application process and why she chose to work at Azets.

Why did you choose Azets?

Initially I had chosen Azets as I was keen to work for a large well-established firm after previously working at smaller accountancy practices. What I didn’t know was that the people would be as incredible as they are. When I first joined, it was clear to me how much my colleagues value each other, and my opinion has not changed. It’s a healthy and warm environment to work in.

What was the application process like?

I believe social media like LinkedIn can be a useful tool for professionals of all ages. I was approached by the Azets’ Talent Acquisition team on LinkedIn who asked if I would like to join. After undertaking research, I was keen to have an interview. The interview process was a two-way discussion which I enjoyed and found incredibly interesting as I got a feeling of what the company was like before I joined.

What experience have you gained at Azets?

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by colleagues with a genuine desire to help and support their peers. My queries are answered with helpful answers providing me with lots of knowledge to help me in my role, as opposed to even more questions. Because of this, I feel very confident in my career development with Azets. The experience I continue to gain is invaluable.

What type of training have you had?

I received thorough system training for two weeks before completing any work at Azets; something I had never experienced before. It was incredibly useful, and I was able to complete work to be reviewed which allowed me to receive feedback and to further strengthen my skillset. Doing this at the start of my journey with Azets enabled me to have confidence in the systems before starting chargeable jobs.

How do you rate the work/life balance?

I’m lucky with the work/life balance initiatives. It’s so refreshing and rewarding to have an employer who not only cares about and supports their staff but also offers wider opportunities. Since joining Azets, I’ve been able to join the NCASS Committee (Nottingham Chartered Accountant Student Society), the Azets Volunteer Committee and become a Mental Health First Aider. All of which are important to me, and I don’t believe I could’ve been involved without Azets. Additionally, its nice to meet up with colleagues to bond and unwind outside of work and having regular socials that suit everyone.

Through the volunteer committee, I’ve been able to organise a litter clean up at Attenborough Nature Reserve. 12 Members of the Nottingham office and I will be spending the day cleaning the nature reserve. Which we would’ve not been able to do without Azets offering an annual 1 day allowance for volunteering.

What’s your favourite aspect about your job?

To summarise, my favourite aspects about my job are the wide range of opportunities available. Ranging from promotions, career development and training opportunities to extra-curricular clubs and staff socials. As a young adult, I believe it’s so important I can enjoy my job and spending time with the people I work with. Having all the opportunities Azets has to offer helps to do just that as well as making it a welcoming place to work.

If Jamila has got you wanting to join Azets and you’re feeling ready to take the first steps toward your accountancy career at Azets, why not check out our current job vacancies on our website.

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