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Why choose a career in accountancy?

There aren’t many careers as diverse as accountancy: not only can you train in business, practice or banking, but once qualified chartered accountants are found working in high level jobs all over the world.
Accountants are financial specialists at the heart of all areas of business. They work across various specialisations, including consulting, corporate finance and forensic accounting. They could find themselves working in all corners of the globe, from the Cayman Islands to South East Asia. The opportunity for international travel and rewarding salaries are just two of the benefits open to chartered accountants.

Life as a trainee chartered accountant

One major benefit of training for ICAEW’s chartered accountancy qualification, the ACA, is that you are paid an attractive graduate salary while training and given full support by your employer. The qualification and study leave is often paid for by your employer as well. This time off helps you revise for the modules before sitting the exams.

Your work experience will be challenging and you will be given a lot of responsibility early on. Preparing accounts, meeting external clients, leading teams, travelling, as well as managing people – are all likely situations you will experience throughout your training.

Life as a qualified chartered accountant

Once qualified, ICAEW members work in all fields of business and finance, including taxation, forensic accounting, financial and general management. Some are involved in public practice work, others work in industry and some are employed by government bodies. Chartered accountants are able to work in a variety of different sectors throughout their career, which helps shape their portfolio. Many work internationally, as there is a global demand for accountancy professionals.

Working as a chartered accountant is a rewarding, interesting and exciting career. Read some of our senior profiles to find out what it is like to work in the top levels of the business, finance and accounting profession.

Five reasons to work in accounting:

  1. Earning potential: Globally, a chartered accountant’s average salary plus bonus 0-2 years post qualification is £49.9k.
  2. Opportunity:They work with organisations of all shapes and sizes and across a wide variety of sectors and industries.
  3. Security: 97% of the world’s 100 global leading brands and 100% of the best global green brands employ ICAEW Chartered Accountants.
  4. Flexibility: You don’t need a business or financial degree to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant – all degrees are welcome.
  5. A global career: The ACA is recognised around the world. In fact our members work in over 155 countries worldwide and ICAEW is a founding partner of Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW).


Career destinations

Chartered accountants work at the highest levels of business and finance. You could:

  • Manage your own businesses.
  • Become a director of a well known or globally renowned company.
  • Hold a management position within a financial services organisation.
  • Become partner of an accountancy practice.
  • Become a finance manager of a leading charity.
  • Become a financial controller of an international or premiership football club.
  • Become the chief executive of a FTSE 100 company.


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