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  • Name: James Alexander Brent Vinall
  • Job Title: Chartered Accountancy Student
  • Location: Watford
  • Degree: BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
  • Areas of Specialism: Other

How did you get your job?
I applied for the role of Chartered Accountant Student through the Hillier Hopkins LLP website and completed each stage of the recruitment process, from telephone interview to online psychometric tests, through to two physical interviews at their head office.
Why did you choose HH?
I chose Hillier Hopkins LLP because of its geographical position in and around London, which had been a favoured destination of work whilst I was at university in Plymouth. I chose to work at a medium-sized accounting practice because I wanted to develop healthy working relationships with senior management in the firm and feel valued.
What’s it like working at HH?
Hillier Hopkins LLP is a great firm to work for. From day one I have been offered support from all staff and made to feel very welcome. I have gained valuable experience and have developed relationships with the Principals and clients, which I might not have obtained whilst working for a ‘big four’ firm.
What are your main duties/roles?
Main duties involve completing necessary fieldwork for audits, working as part of an audit team, planning and completion of audit files, preparation of financial statements and building client relationships.
What skills are useful in this profession?
Important skills to have in the accountancy profession are good problem-solving skills, good attention to detail, good social skills (in order to build client relationships), time management and the ability to work on more than one job at one time (as information from clients can become available at different times).
What would you like to achieve in the future?
My short term goal is to become a fully qualified chartered accountant and in the long term I want to work my way up in different management roles to reach the top level of becoming an audit partner.
What challenges have you come across and what support have you received?
Having grown up in countryside Herefordshire, I initially found it difficult adapting to city life. I was given help and support from my colleagues at Hillier Hopkins in order to become comfortable with my new surroundings.
Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to join Hillier Hopkins LLP?
Be prepared to work hard and put yourself out there when trying to make friends so that you quickly integrate yourself within the firm and become known not only to members of your own department, but other departments also. A holistic firm is better than a firm driven by individuals!

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